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Ring Bell

Creativity is not always a lovely sunset or a beach at dawn. My creativity is often sparked by looking at the world from my unique perspective and noticing something that makes an impression or gives me pause. While on my way from one place to another I caught a glimpse of this doorway from the corner of my eye. I drove by quickly and did not stop; after a few blocks of thought, I turned my truck around and went back to check it out again. It was not in a safe neighborhood; I did not want to get too close to the entrance and put myself at risk.

I knew I could not make this photograph quickly with my Hasselblad gear. Luckily, I also had my Canon 35mm camera in my truck. I found a parking spot across the street and loaded a roll of film into the camera. I attached my 400mm lens, nonchalantly setup my tripod in the street and then quickly made a series of exposures and got the heck out of the there.


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