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Making or Taking?

Some say making a photograph; others say taking a photograph. Which is correct? Microsoft believes it is taking, check out their grammar tool in Word.

I respectfully disagree with Microsoft. I make photographs. My photographs do not make themselves, I decide nearly every aspect. Taking implies that I removed something from the landscape; the opposite is true, I memorialized the landscape for eternity and nothing was taken away by my making the photograph. Nonetheless, many incredible photographers believe their involvement in image creation is limited to pointing the camera and clicking the shutter button. I would argue that those two actions, pointing and knowing when to click a button, require a creative mental process, however, I am fine with people thinking differently.

Have you ever looked at one of your photographs and thought to yourself, that is not what I saw; the landscape was beautiful, however, your photo was disappointing. Did you ever wonder why? It is because the photo does not match the image in your mind, the image you wanted to make.

Why harp on a figure of speech? Does it really matter?

Yes, it does. I use language accurately and so should you. Using taking instead of making detracts from the artists effort and reinforces a false notion that the camera does the work, not the artist.


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