What do you think?What do you think?


I used to be offended when people would refer to my photography as a hobby; it belittled my artistic endeavors. Often, I would step away from a larger argument and brush it off; it helped to imagine my painter friends’ reaction to the same, to being called hobby painters. I suspected they would not feel good about it either. It is belittling to call someone’s artistic expression a hobby, whether it be a sculpture, photograph or a painting; most artists put tremendous effort into their artwork, thousands of hours thinking and revising, we are met with failure most of the time, countless do-overs. Artists must have a high level of bravery to create something and then put it out into the world to be judged.

I persisted; I did not let the words of others stop me. It would have been easy to give up and spend my time doing something else, i.e. playing video games. I stepped away many times, thinking I would not return. However, the passion and joy I felt every time I made a photograph, kept me hooked and outshined any prior disappointments. That emotion drove me to create the next photograph.

Waking before dawn, driving in the dark and setting up for a sunrise is a lot of work!

There is nothing wrong with photography as a hobby. Everyone is unique. If you ever feel discouraged, if someone diminishes your work, do not give up; the world is a better place with more artists!