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After Sunset

One of my not-so-secret secrets for a dramatic sky or brilliant colors is to remain in the landscape long after the Sun has set; the colors are often deeper and more vibrant. The lesser-known secret is to photograph the post-sunset light reflection; water is perfect for reflections. A photograph of an intense sunset may be nice, and it is very commonly done, however, a photograph of its reflection can be creatively unique.

Depending on the location, light quality or intensity may change rapidly or slowly i.e. in northern Canada post-sunset colors linger longer than at lower latitudes. It is difficult to rush creativity and the last thing I need to interfere with my process is fumbling for my gear in the dark. I keep everything I need readily available and in the same location in my truck, so I do not have to waste time searching. When my creativity is flowing, I must operate like a well-oiled machine.

Sticking around long past sunset has its challenges; the worst is working in twilight or darkness and then finding my way out of the landscape without getting into trouble (i.e. falling into a ditch or crashing my truck). My creativity is sparked in remote landscapes which are normally far from the hotel; it is always a long drive back in dark. Some off-the-beaten-path locations are accessible only via dirt roads; I am very careful at night and I am always on the lookout for animals.

I enjoy experimenting and exploring; part of that process is patiently watching the landscape change over time.


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