Trio Falls

Catalog No. 60618


Vancouver Island, Canada | 2019

Digital Photograph

I have a disdain for waterfalls because seldom am I able to create a breathtaking photograph of them. I parked at the road and hiked down to the beach and then to these waterfalls, slightly over a mile one way. I thought about what kind of photograph I wanted to create and returned to the truck to get the correct lenses and camera. I returned back to the falls with my gear and studied the falling water for about one hour. I setup my tripod against the wall nearest to the right side and used a tilt-shift lens, both shifted and tilted towards the rocks. I made sure to get the curvy waterfall lines in the photograph. I made a series of exposures to determine the timing of the falling water to maximize texture. My exposure was f25 for 1/5th of a second.

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