Shore Rocks


Uncertain about the cloudy sky, whether the Sun would peak through, I checked out several locations on the island. While much of the shore is privately owned, I managed to locate this public boat ramp with a colorful man-made rock wall. I imagined the rocks being a layer in the photograph but the sky was the unknown. I tried several different perspectives, one where I set the tripod on top of the rocks and another with it in front of them. I selected the latter and used my 28mm Hasselblad lens plus tilt-shift adapter (the HTS) so I could shift the lens downward to include the rocks.



I chose a long exposure to smooth out the water and give the clouds a swept look; to achieve that effect I used a 0.6 ND filter to reduce the overall light plus a 0.9 Grad ND to darken the sky (this combination of filters also reddened the photograph). I focused on the farthest rock and my exposure was one 1 minute and 4 seconds at f25.


The most important ingredient in this photograph was my high-powered LED flashlight, which I used to brighten the rocks during the long exposure. By sweeping the light across the rocks while the shutter was open, I accentuated the foreground which otherwise would have been very dark.


I used my cell phone to make a snap shot photo of my set up. The LCD on my Hasselblad camera came out quite well on the phone camera (not enhanced!) considering I was standing about five to eight feet away.



The color difference between the cell phone camera and my Hasselblad is quite apparent. Besides the combination of filters in front of the lens, I also worked the exposure values in Hasselblad's Phocus software program.


When I finished my last photograph it was quite dark and chilly. I packed up and drove off.


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