Colors After Sunset


One of my not so secret secrets for brilliant colors is to wait around in the landscape long after the Sun has set because the colors are often deeper and more vibrant. The lesser known secret is to photograph the light's reflection and water is one of the best elements for this. Said in another way, a photograph of an intense sunset can be very nice, and it's commonly done, however, where and when possible, of photograph of its reflection can be unique.


Sticking around long past sunset has its challenges; the worst is working in twilight or darkness and then finding my way out of the landscape without getting into trouble (i.e. falling into a ditch or crashing my truck). With this photograph from Nebraska, I was in awe of the shades of gold reflected in the marshes. Fortunately there was little wind. I noticed the floating horizontal reeds in the viewfinder (towards the bottom) and included them with the hope they'd help keep the viewer's eyes within the photograph. My exposure was 8 seconds at f29.



I made this photograph using my digital Hasselblad camera.



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