Be Different


When I come upon a landscape I ask myself: do I want to create an image that's been done a thousand times before or do I want to be an artist and create something unique? Often I travel hundreds or thousands of miles in all sorts of conditions (rain, snow, off-road, etc...) and I want to make sure the effort is worth it. In business it's called ROI, Return On Investment. With art, it doesn't need to be money, it might be the pleasure of producing a photograph that I'm proud of or that someone else appreciates.



It was shortly after dawn and I noticed these trees in the forest and a specific image entered my mind. My first inclination was to fill the frame with one of the trees larger in the left or right foreground with the others off in the distance; unfortunately, I was unable to find a perspective that matched the vision. Instead of moving on, I decided to blur the images with motion because I liked the contrast of the trees against the forest background.



I had to make sure the light from the sky in the upper portion of the frame did not over expose the image. I used my Hasselblad 50mm lens (without any filters) for these photographs and set the shutter speed manually to permit enough time to pan the camera by hand. 



I don't limit myself by preconceived notions of what a photograph should be. As the culture and society advances, especially with the proliferation of cell phone cameras, artists must stay ahead of the curve and create their own style. Being different and producing artwork that is either appreciated or creates a reaction is important to me.


I made these photographs using my digital Hasselblad camera.



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