Ball Heads



Making an incredible photograph and discovering it's blurry is extremely frustrating. Why waste time working on a photograph if chances are it might be blurry? A heavily weighted tripod can help steady a camera and reduce blur.


There are many different types of tripod heads; each has a purpose and a set of advantages. I personally prefer to use ball heads on my tripods because I can rapidly setup and reposition my camera. Each head has an Arca Swiss clamp that accepts Wimberley plates. The plate is attached to the camera or lens. With a quick twist of the knob I have a tight lock.




















I have used Arca Swiss ball heads for many years; I was fortunate to find an original B1 monoball (not the smaller B1 that is manufactured today). I addition, I use a Manfrotto Proball, which is also no longer manufactured. These ball heads are extremely well built and very reliable.






I cannot stress enough how important quality equipment is. And please don't confuse quality with new; some of the best items available are used, like this Manfrotto Proball. They may be old, but they're far superior than new tripod heads sold today. 







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