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Creativity isn't always a lovely sunset or a beach at dawn. Often times it's looking at the world and noticing something that makes an impression or gives pause. While on my way from one place to another I caught a glimpse of this doorway from the corner of my eye. However, I drove by too quickly so I went around the block to check it out again. It wasn't a safe neighborhood and I did not want to get too close to the entrance and put myself at risk.


I knew I could not make this photograph quickly with my Hasselblad gear. Luckily I also had my Canon 35mm camera in my truck. I pulled over across the street and loaded a roll of film into my Canon camera. I attached my 400mm lens, nonchalantly setup my tripod and then quickly made a series of exposures.



I made this photograph on Kodak 100VS film using my Canon camera.



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