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I drove past a pond on the side of the road with a large leafless tree at its edge. It was just before dawn and I was not ready to pull over and explore the possibilities of a photograph. I continued driving and made a mental note of the location with the thought of returning.

Roughly an hour later I decided to check on the pond again and the reflection of the tree was spectacular. The overcast sky was extremely helpful. However, the perspective was elusive and I spent a considerable amount of time figuring out which lens to use and where to set up my tripod. It was particularly difficult because I wanted to exclude overhead power lines that crisscrossed over the lake and were also in the mirror like reflection.

I was there for approximately an hour and a man came over and offered help if I had a problem with my truck (I guess he missed the tripod and camera). He was very nice and then he left.

I changed out lenses several times. Ultimately I liked the reflection more than the elements outside of the lake and I decided on this final image.

I made this photograph using my digital Hasselblad camera.

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