• Derek Jecxz

Perspective and Vision

As an artist, my photographs are my perspective and vision of the landscape. I often use my camera to create an expressive image yet I realize this may not comport with the traditional notion that the camera is a device used to faithfully duplicate the landscape. I use my camera much like the painter uses his or her paintbrush.

I came upon this field of tall grass with bare trees. I wanted a photograph that included both the grass and the trees and as I was looking through the viewfinder and manually focusing, I took a liking to the way the tree branches looked out of focus behind the grass. I made a series of exposures with a small depth of field (large aperture) and focused on a few blades of grass right in front of the camera. I used my Hasselblad 100mm lens and my exposure was 1/50 of a second at f2.5.

I made this photograph by selectively focusing on several blades of grass and then repositioned the center to juxtapose them with background grass. My exposure was 1/90 of a second at f2.8.

I made these photographs using my digital Hasselblad camera.

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