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Rainy New Brunswick

I don't think of rain or stormy weather as "bad" weather and I rarely shy away from difficult conditions because, more often than not, they offer seldom appreciated perspectives. As an artist, I look for landscapes that help spark my creativity.

Rain and cloudy conditions also allow me to work more deliberately because the light conditions change gradually and overcast skies offer even light. When I am not rushed, there is more time to be creative. Instead of hurrying a photograph, I can think things through and create an action plan.

I was in New Brunswick, Canada for a day or two, on my way to Cape Breton. I found this lake just north of Saint John; I first walked along the shore without my camera and then returned to my truck. I knew I had to keep my gear dry and that also meant I could not change lenses and risk rain getting into the camera. I attached my Hasselblad 35mm lens and the Hasselblad HTS (tilt-shift adapter) to my camera (my plan was to accentuate the reeds by shifting the lens downward); then I grabbed my rain cover and tripod and walked back to the edge of the lake.

I set up in the water among the reeds and made several exposures with the 35mm + HTS combination; unfortunately, the LCD previews did not appear close to what I had in mind. After getting frustrated and very wet I returned to my truck. My initial thought was to move on but I realized I had plenty of time with this type of weather and instead, I should try to understand why the photographs did not match my initial vision. To help the process along, I looked at them on my laptop and immediately realized the 35mm + HTS combination was not a wide enough angle (the HTS converts the 35mm to a 48mm).

I took the HTS off and returned to the shore with just the 35mm lens. I waded back into the water and made this 3 second exposure at f29. I also used a 0.9 ND Grad filter to help reduce the light in the upper portion of the frame.

I made this photograph using my digital Hasselblad camera.

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