• Derek Jecxz

Nebraska Lake Sunset

I was in Nebraska driving on a dirt road through an area where there were marshes and lakes. The sun had already set and it was both chilly and windy. I could not help but notice the vibrant colors on the water. I remembered a location I had found earlier in the day that was very close to the water's edge. I kept the spot in the back of my mind and knew I had to visit it at sunset.

I set up my tripod and used my Hasselblad 210mm lens; I wanted a tight crop to accentuate the reeds and the color on the water. Using a wider angle lens would have added unnecessary elements and I did not want to detract from the photograph.

I knew I could not freeze the movement of the reeds and I was cool with the tall grass waving in the wind; their blur was part of the landscape. I used a 0.75 Grad ND filter to reduce the amount of light in the upper portion of the frame and my exposure was 1/5th of a second at f4.

I made these photographs using my Hasselblad digital camera.

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