• Derek Jecxz

North Dakota Autumn

The slight layer of snow changed the landscape just off this North Dakota highway. I pulled over to the side of the road and walked through the brush; I was looking for a perspective that matched the initial vision which came to mind while I was driving. I do not trespass so I stopped at the fence. Unfortunately, fencing is unavoidable in much of the United States; nearly every paved and dirt road in North Dakota has a fence on both sides. Excluding the fence was not possible and I quickly accepted it as a "natural" landscape element.*

I used my Hasselblad 35mm lens; I positioned the fencing at a slight angle across the frame (instead of positioning it straight on) and I made sure to include much of the foreground brush. I also used a 0.75 ND Grad to reduce the brightness of the overcast sky.

My exposure was 1/20th of a second at f11 and I made this photograph using my digital Hasselblad camera.

* A fence by itself does not bother me, nor do property rights nor land owners wanting to keep people off their property. My issue with fencing is that is can get in the way when I do not want it the photograph.

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