• Derek Jecxz

Foreground Elements

It's easy to over look foreground elements in a captivating landscape. I had arrived on this beach in Cape Breton and I was immediately taken by the cloudy sunset at the shore. The light was slowly getting darker, however, rushing a photograph would do me no good. I had noticed the grass in the sand and thought of juxtaposing it with the sky.

I rapidly set up my tripod, as shown here, and attached my Hasselblad 35mm lens along with an 81C warming filter to help pick up the color of the grass. The wind was a bit strong and I was mindful that the grass was moving so I set my exposure to an 1/8 of a second at f5. I also used a 0.75 Grad ND.

I made this photograph using my digital Hasselblad camera.

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