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Creative Trees

While driving through Maine, on my way north to Canada, I drove past a wooded area that caught my eye and appeared interesting. I parked on the side of the road and ventured in to check it out; the ground was covered in red pine needles and the trees were lined up as if someone had planted them twenty years ago. Some patterns do not naturally occur in nature, i.e. lined up rows of trees, nonetheless, a pattern may spark an idea, and ideas can lead to photographs.

I returned to my truck, packed a few wide-angle lenses and ventured back in to make a series of photographs; I lined up the trees and tried various angles and perspectives. For each photograph, I made sure the camera was level (I used a bubble level) and I carefully examined every frame with my loupe. I excluded anything that detracted from the end result (so post-op cropping would not be necessary). After roughly an hour I began packing up my tripod and gear and then I thought of doing the opposite. Instead of lining up the trees and checking for perfection, why not make some imperfect photographs? I thought about shooting hand-held, forgetting about the level or even better, moving the camera while the shutter was open.

I put my tripod aside, set my shutter speed to between 0.4 and 1 second and then slowly panned the camera up and down as if I were painting with light and the camera was the brush. I looked at the results with my loupe and the photographs were intriguing; at the very least it was an excursion into creativity.

I made these photographs using my Hasselblad digital camera.

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