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File Organization

I recently received an email asking how I manage and organize the photographs while I’m travelling. It's a good question because some of my photo trips last several weeks and management is extremely important.

Before I leave on a photo shoot I print a series of numbers on blank DVDs (47xxxx for a 4.7gb DVD and 85xxxx for 8.5gb). During the shoot I burn the photographs onto the DVDs at the end of each day. Each photograph file name has the DVD number as a prefix (i.e.. 850088_12345678). When I return from the shoot, the burned DVDs go into a library of DVDs. Since each photo file name has the DVD number (i.e. 850088), it takes a matter of seconds to get the original DVD if necessary.

Prior to switching to digital, rolls of film were all kept together in a bag which then went to the lab upon return. When the rolls of transparencies came back I numbered and labeled every roll and kept a database. When I switched to digital, I was concerned I would lose control of so many files and so I devised the above method of numbered DVDs to prevent that.

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