• Derek Jecxz

Perfect Forest

On my drive home from the Northwest Territories, I traveled through Black River Forest, Wisconsin and stumbled upon a pine needle covered forest with overcast skies. It was early morning and the Sun was working hard to break through the clouds. I noticed a perfect even light peaking through the trees and I exposed as many frames as I could before the conditions changed. I knew I only had a few moments with this kind of light.

The reddish forest carpet was just as important as the rows of trees and I tried several perspectives and different lenses. Moments later the sun broke through and the harsh light made the scene look entirely different. To my surprise, just beyond the edge of the trees in the rear of the photograph were newly built homes. Fortunately I arrived at a time when they were obscured by fog.

I made this photograph on Fuji Velvia film ISO 100 with my Hasselblad H2 camera.

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